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JA Paints 307 LLC Loyalty Program Policy

July 2023

JA Paints 307 LLC (hereafter called “JA Paints 307”) is pleased to announce the launch of our loyalty program. This program is totally free to join for customers who are 18 and over and who have a JA account. We have partnered with WIX to manage this program.

Points can be accrued through purchases of JA art. For every $1 spent on JA art, customers will receive 2 point into their loyalty program account. It’s our way of showing appreciation for our loyal customers.

Points will not expire; customers can rack them up as they shop! Customers can use their points towards a discount on their next purchase. We encourage customers to log in to their JA accounts to keep track of their loyalty points and to shop for JA art.

We value the loyalty of our customers, so let’s get started! Join the JA Paints Loyalty Program now and start earning points.

Contact JA Paints 307 with any questions as we have more control over this program. Thank you.


JA Paints 307 Loyalty Program will be going away once we transfer or website to a new host. JA owners will be sending out emails to members regarding this change.

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