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Acrylic paint colors

Black, White, True Blue, Gray, Violet, Green, Bright Yellow, Vivid Orange, Emerald Green, True Red, Deep Turquoise, Pink, Beige, Blue Violet, Tropical Blue, Burnt Umber, Fuchsia, Mint Green, Grape Jelly, Aquamarine

Epoxy Colors

 Black, White, Purple, Violet

Green Apple, Red, Rose Red, Orange, Phthals, Blue, Green, Pale Green, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Golden Yellow, Pine, Fire Opal, Rosy, Bright Green, Bright Red, Sapphire, Pink Crystal, Bright Purple, Purple Aqate

New BOLD Epoxy Dye Colors
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Black, White, Tawny, Tiger eye, and Garnet.

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